Horace Carpentier was not only a lawyer but was also the first mayor of the town of Oakland California. He was born in 1824 to James and Henrietta Carpentier. He was the seventh child of the couple, and youngest amongst the five living siblings. Horace completed his higher education from the Columbia University in the year 1848. He graduated with the degree of law, which gave him a promising career. Also, it is here that he met his future business partner Andrew Moon.

Political Beginnings
Political Beginnings

Ever since the time, Horace Carpentier arrived in San Francisco, he had pre-established political connections. It can be seen due to the fact that he socialized in local political groups since the very beginning. In the year 1850, Horace Carpentier established his law office with two of his business partners. The first two political elections that Horace Carpentier stood for were for the post of state senator and state superintendent of public instruction. However, he unsuccessfully did not get elected. But his political ambitions were not dead, due to the first two defeats. In the year 1851, he received the post of Senate Enrolling Clerk, which worked in his favour. It allowed him to build connections with various other politically inspired individuals. From here there was no looking back for Horace Carpentier.

The Telegraph

Another prominent part of Harish carpenter is the establishment of his company The Telegraph. In the year 1853 the company successfully completed its first ever statewide telegraph system. During the years of 1857 to 1867 Horace Carpentier acted as the President of the organisation. There were other directors who help with overall management as well. The biggest milestone of the company was in the year 1868. This is when it took over Atlanta California Telegraph company and started redeveloping the same.