Assembling the Cast of Characters

This chapter depicts the starting of the land war after US separated from its southern neighbour. It has everything from who was the first to settle to the details about the people who had the most influence. Here are some of the people that you would read about in this section.

  • The Early Arrivals
  • James Alexander Forbes
  • John Clar
  • Thomas Larkin
  • William A Richardson
  • Johann Sutter
  • Jacob Leese
  • William Heath Davis
  • John Charles Fremont
  • U.S. Intervention into California
  • The Mormons and Sam Brannan
  • William Cary Jones
  • Henry Halleck
  • Frederick Billings
  • Archibald C. Peachy
  • William Cary Jones
  • John Coffee Hays
  • John Caperton
  • Richard Hammond
  • William T. Sherman
  • The Clergy


The Late Arrivals

This particular chapter of the History of Berkeley is dedicated to the later half of the development stage. It has information about all those people who helped in its development as a proper town. If you want to know about the different sections that you can read under this chapter, then here is a list.

  • The Brothers Patten
  • Moses Chase
  • James LaRue
  • Edson Adams
  • Andrew Moon
  • Horace Carpentier
  • The Purchase of Alameda
  • William Chipman
  • John Whipple Dwinelle
  • The Purchase of the Encinal
  • San Pablo Road
  • Slavery and California Politics
  • The Temescal Purchase
  • Berkeley Purchase
  • The Incorporation of Oakland
  • Henry Smith
  • Oakland Becomes A City
  • The Final Days of Domingo Peralta


The Finishing Touches

This chapter is to conclude what the entire site is about. It gives an overview of the History of Berkeley and how it was affected during different phases of development. Some of the sections that you would read about in this chapter are stated below.

  • In Retrospect
  • The Reality Syndicate
  • Frank Colton Havens
  • Francis Marion “ Borax” Smith
  • Louis Titus
  • John P. Jones
  • Mason McDuffie Company
  • Joseph Mason
  • Duncan McDuffie
  • Clement Calhoun Young
  • Perry Tompkins
  • Wigington Ellis Creed
  • The Rowells
  • Northbrae
  • Annexation and the New Charter
  • John Hopkins Spring
  • John Hopkins