Berkeleys Bridge

The History of Berkeley is a website that represents the virtual journey of how the city changed ever since its existence. The website is divided into different chapters that provide a detailed explanation of different stages of its development.

Here readers will be able to find everything from details about the initial citizens to how a proper government rule was established. All these chapters have been written by author Alan Cohen. Alan started writing these chapters as the history of Berkeley intrigued him to dig deep into its past.


The love for historical facts made the author accumulate information that was available in various books and other sources. The overall aim of the author was to create a website, where readers could find a complete narrative of how the city of Berkeley changed over time.


All chapters and facts present on the website are personally written by the author. However they are further edited by Pat Teague and Michael Coyle. The draft of the History of Berkeley is the most informative narrative that one could ever read about this city and its past.